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  • Storm King’s Thunder is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure module set in the Forgotten Realms.
  • The campaign centers around the rise of giant attacks throughout the land, threatening the delicate balance between small folk and giants.
  • Players are tasked with investigating the cause of the giant uprising and, if possible, finding a way to stop it.
  • The adventure takes players on a journey across the vast and diverse North of Faerûn, where they will encounter various giant factions, uncover ancient secrets, and forge alliances with powerful allies.
  • Storm King’s Thunder is designed for characters of levels 1-11, providing a wide range of challenges and experiences as the players progress through the campaign.
  • The module offers a mix of epic battles against giants, exploration of unique locations, and opportunities for role-playing and diplomacy.- Storm King’s Thunder allows players to have a significant impact on the storyline, with multiple possible outcomes and ways to approach the challenges they face.
  • With its grand scale, intriguing mysteries, and thrilling encounters, Storm King’s Thunder offers an unforgettable and epic adventure for players and Dungeon Masters alike.