Dice Box Sorcerer with Roll...


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  • An ideal companion for any Dungeons and Dragons fan
  • Just under 20cm Square – Perfect to hold various sets of dice as well as a few small items
  • Magnetized
  • Size: Length: 192mm; Height:34mm; Weight: 515g
  • Material: Bamboo

1 review for Dice Box Sorcerer with Roll...

  1. Ria

    A stunning product! Beautifully finished. Clever magnets in the four corners keep the lid secure preventing accidental spills of dice while moving box from display to table top. Velvet lining in lid makes for a nice rolling tray. Grooves in the tray are deep enough for all standard Dragon and regular sized dice plus we were able to fit 5 different sets of dice in with a bit of space to spare. Highly recommend as a great addition to any gaming enthusiast!

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